I bet you did not know this) Consume more nutrients from your food


Today is two months since I decided to change my life. I spent the whole night preparing to be able to stop me on that scale and discover my new weight. I have exercised, I ate healthy, nothing can go wrong.

The time has come! …

I’m very disappointed. I ran out to lock myself in my room and started crying. It has been difficult to endure bullying all my life, but the most difficult thing has been that whatever I do I can never lose weight. I no longer want to continue trying a final failure. What could be wrong in the previous example?

At first glance, we cannot give a direct evaluation on this person’s problem. Many times, the diets do not work the same for each one of us. However, we can think of a fairly common case that happens to people when they are starting a diet. With this, we refer to that although those ailments are considered healthy, the way they are prepared may be affecting your diet. In this way, there are cooking methods that help maximize the level of nutrients that food can give you. Continue reading this article to discover what it is all about.

What happens when you cook the food?

If we transport ourselves to the first stages of the development of the human being, when it is not even possible to control the fire, all the inhabitants of the planet consume the raw foods. Try to imagine that you are at the time and suddenly your crew hunts a deer. They all begin to grab their part to eat and you grab a piece of its leg. You don’t feel you like it, right? When the human being discovered the methods to prepare food, the changes were important because the cooked food improved digestion and also the absorption of nutrients. On the other hand, not everything is like that. There are several nutrients that are lost with certain methods of food preparation. For example, the amount of vitamins C and B is reduced when the food is prepared. Also, although in smaller quantity, the vitamins A, D, E and K are diminished.

This is why many nutritionists recommend a variety of recipes with cooked foods and others that are not so prepared such as green vegetables.

Effect of cooking vegetables

Vegetables are incredible sources of various nutrients for our body. Thanks to them, we can develop faster and healthier. However, vegetables can undergo a reduction of nutrients with certain recipes.

For example,

Many times when we boil vegetables with water, what we cause is that the amount of vitamin C that this food has is affected. In this case, all vitamins and minerals whose amount is reduced when boiled are vitamins A, B, C, D and K and minerals such as sodium. Don’t worry! here the only bad news is that you will lose all those nutrients if you do not like soup. This is because all the nutrients and vitamins that are released from the vegetables during cooking remain there in that water.

What about the fish?

Fish meat has been considered one of the best allies for its high nutritional value. However, if you want to get the best out of this food, what you should do is boil it. Boiled fish retains much better nutrients than perhaps fried or baked. So, the next time you decide to eat fish, you can do your body a favor by choosing to have it boiled.

Grilled food

No one can deny that a good barbecue on weekends will improve anyone’s mood because, apart from spending time with friends and family, it is also the day to consume delicious food. Now, I know what you are thinking, at what moment will this guy tell us what are the effects of cooking food on the grill. Well, here they are. During the process of food preparation, most of these lose valuable amounts of nutrients. Have you noticed that juice that comes out of the food when it is on the grill? Yes! There go all the nutrients. In addition, many researchers have expressed concern that this method of food preparation involves the exposure of these food to certain substances that could cause cancer. These same researchers suggest that to reduce this risk, you should consider changing the carbon and avoiding that there is so much smoke.

What happens if I use a microwave?

I loved when I bought my first microwave! This is because cooking time is greatly reduced. The interesting thing about this is that preparing certain foods with the microwave can be beneficial. Many nutritionists agree that when using a microwave, food always loses amounts of nutrients. However, these amounts are much lower than other cooking methods. Of the types of foods that are best served by being cooked in a microwave, we find green vegetables. Undoubtedly, using the microwave for this type of food can help you retain considerable amounts of nutrients.

What about fried food?

I will never deny that fried food tastes so delicious. And, as we can all suppose, this cooking method can be the least indicated almost at all times. There are very few foods that can be presumed to be nutritious when fried. Therefore, if you want to enter a rigorous diet, it is best to avoid these types of foods. And if you now ask yourself, what are the foods that can be fried without affecting so much their nutritional contribution? The answer is that the potato is the favorite food, since it maintains its fiber levels. What you should know is that this does not mean that all the potatoes that you find are the same, because if they have another industrial process, you may not find any value in eating it.


The world of nutrition is fascinating. Therefore, we invite you to continue learning about how to take care of your health.